Russian Orthodox
Cathedral of the Transfiguration   


On the Occasion of our Joyous Centennial 1908 - 2008

It is not often in this day and age that the church receives the attention it deserves. It was incredibly refreshing to be able to witness the joyous celebration of the 100th Jubilee of my parish, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Lord in Brooklyn. NY. ( Photos )

A celebration of faith and the culmination of the hard work of our ancestors who bravely came from various Slavic regions of East Europe including the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. They established a great seed from which sprouted a strong tree of faith. We are in an eternal debt of gratitude to Archpriest Aleksander Hotovicki (now St. Alexander), who organized the founders and served the first Divine Liturgy for the parish. From 1908-2008 the parish grew and established itself as a mainstay in the community and in the hearts of its faithful.

Through the years the church has been strengthened by many key events, including the renovation of the cupolas and all external renovation, also the donation of a plashchenitza by the Kapura family and a relic holder by the Sulka family, for the relics of St. Maxim Sandowich, brought by Bishop Tikon. St. Maxim Sandowich is the apostle of the Lemkos, the area of Eastern Europe where the founders of our parish originated from.

On Saturday, September 13th the current generation, led by the present pastor the Very Rev. Wiaczeslaw Krawczuk, paid homage to those in the parish who have passed away with a Soul Liturgy and Panikhida, thousands of names were mentioned. We would like to thank Archimandrite Jacob Piruta of the West Pennsylvania Diocese; Very Rev. Daniel Degyansky, Rector of St. John Chrysostom Church, Woodside, NY; Very Rev.Vladimir Alexeev, Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn and Deacon Nicholas Gulin, also from Holy Trinity, for sharing this deeply poignant time with us.

The Sunday, September 14th, was one of great uplifting joy. The choir beautifully chanted during our Centennial Jubilee services under the direction of Deacon Igor Ksynyuk as they do for every service serve in the Parish.

We were grateful to be able to celebrate this day with the Right Reverend Tikhon, Bishop of Philadelphia and East Pennsylvania; Very Rev. Joseph Lickwar, Chancellor of Diocese of Washington and New York; Archimandrite Jacob Piruta of the West Pennsylvania Diocese; Very Rev. Samuel Kedala, Dean of New Jersey; Very Rev. Wiaczeslaw Krawczuk, Dean of New York City; Very Rev. Vladimir Alexeev, Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn; Very Rev. Basil Summer from Long Island, NY; Rev. John Bartholomew, from Our Lady of Kazan Church of Sea Cliff, New York; Archdeacon. Alexei Klimitchev, and Deacon Nicholas Gulin.

During Hours before the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Tikhon, tonsured our two dedicated altar boys Eliasz Krawczuk and Jaroslaw Maliniak to the order of reader of the Holy Orthodox Church.

The subsequent banquet was filled with reminiscing stories of ancestors, delightful chatter, good food and dancing with a perspective ahead shown by some of the youth of our Church School. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gave a Proclamation on the occasion of the 100th Jubilee of our parish. During the banquet a Jubilee book was given out, containing the great history of our parish and the well wishes of a large amount of people.

With the momentous event of our 100th Jubilee now behind us, we look to the future to another great celebration and the growth and strengthening of our faithful tree.

May the Lord continue to bless us in all things – to Him be the glory!


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