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Those seeking baptism for their children in the Orthodox Christian Church are welcome to attend services and discuss this with the Priest.

Children of Orthodox families are normally baptized shortly after birth. Converts to Orthodoxy are usually formally baptized into the Orthodox Church and exceptions are sometimes made. Those who have left Orthodoxy and adopted a new religion, if they return to their Orthodox roots, are usually received back into the church through the mystery of Chrismation.



Those wishing to be married in the Orthodox Christian Church are welcome to attend services and discuss this with the Priest.

The Sacrament of Marriage does not unite a man and a woman. Rather, it is the Church’s recognition of a union that God has already begun to work in their lives. As long as the union remains within the reality of this world, it will be subject to sin, pain, and death. But, through the sacrament, the union enters at the same time into a new reality: that of God’s Kingdom. In Christ, marriage is restored to its initial perfection and in the sacrament, this union is made open to the possibility of what God intended marriage to be from the beginning: an eternal life of joy in union with Him. Thus, marriage goes beyond a legal contract. There is no exchange of vows – the two have freely and coequally committed to one another and consented to God’s presence in their union. There is no phrase “’til death do us part”. If marriage is brought into the Kingdom of God, death, as a separation, is powerless over it. Christ has destroyed death by His Cross and Resurrection; therefore, the union of man and woman in Christ is eternal.

Church School

Give your child a religious education.

Any child age four or higher is eligible to register for our church school. Church School follows Liturgy. We use the 9-year curriculum developed by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission (OCEC). All children’s and teachers’ textbooks are funded by the Church School Parent/Teachers’ Association. 

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